Thursday, March 17, 2011

Long Overdue

So it's been a while....and that may be an understatement. But here are some pictures of what me and the boys have been up to sense I have been off of work. You would think that because I don't have a job I would have been updating my blog almost daily but that obviously was not the case. Now that I will be going back to work soon I will probably be better at keeping up with it! :)
So here are a few of our favorite memories and pictures.....

Once again Christmas pictures with Santa and Mrs. Clause was not a success for Calvin...

Calvin playing hoola-hoop at his cousins birthday party

Wilson with Pappa Ed

I love this picture of Wilson...

Calvin and Wilson love to play in the tub together. Here Calvin made them look like Santa!

Just before Christmas Wilson got a helmet because he had a HUGE flat spot on the side of his head. It's off now and the flat spot is still there but it looks a lot better.

Calvins drawing of him (on the left) and Wilson holding hands. I love it! I will be sad when he starts drawing bodies instead of only eyes, mouths, hair, legs, and arms.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Smith Family Reunion in Bend, OR

We had a great long weekend last week at the Smith Family Reunion. We met up in Bend, OR Wednesday to Sunday. There was a total of 68 people so it was a lot of fun with all the cousins and little ones running around. Each night a family was in charge of an activity so Wednesday night we all got together for field games and cupcakes......water balloon toss, potato sack races, and the craziest bowling game I have ever seen. Thursday we went on the steep hike up Smith Rock. Most everyone made it to the top with the exception of Calvin, Grandma, and Pappa and a few other that decided to go rock climbing instead of hiking. That evening we got together for stories of Grandma and Grandpa Smith. Friday we all went to the lake. We rented a waverunner and the other families rented a boat plus another waverunner. We finally got Calvin to come with me and Eric for a ride and he was loving it. That is until Eric turned it around too slow (worrying about Calvin) and ended up flipping it over. As a mother I was freaking out a little bit...Calvin doesn't like the water much, especially in his face. Luckily he managed to close his mouth and I pushed him up out of the water as hard as I could before I surfaced. Thank heavens for life-vests!!!!! There is no way I could have found him if he wasn't wearing one and I was holding on to him as I fell in too! That night we had family pictures taken and Calvin had a lot of fun painting a cute frame for our picture. Saturday was a relaxing day at the pool for me and the boys while Eric played golf with the guys, then we had a fun game of kick ball with everybody. That night we watched a slide show of the weeks events and said our long goodbyes. Overall it was a great little vacation!

Savannah and Wilson...she wouldn't leave him alone the entire trip. Always wanting to play but mostly poked his eyes :) Cousins......

Calvin with his telescope!

Wilson fell asleep on our long hike.

We made it to the top of Smith Rock!

So did Nathan, Joelle and Savannah

Here is the entire Smith crew before the there were a lot of people.

At the lake after the waverunner accident......Calvin was happy again once on dry land and of course licorice helps too!

It was a long day....

Calvin and a sort of cousin Samantha trying to paddle the boat.

Calvin mostly wanted to play in the sand the entire day. Look at the cheesy smile :)

Grandma, Savannah, and Eric

Savannah's model pose.

Here's the lake with the waverunner in the background.

Joelle and Savannah after a yummy dinner of chicken alfredo....YUMMMY!

Savannah and Daddy (Nathan)

The proud grandparents with most of their grandkids....Easton and Jamis are missing.

The great house we rented. Whenever we get back from a fun vacation Eric and I always want to buy a house there and this was no exception. We would love to buy a rental place at Eagle Crest hopefully someday we can but until then we will just have to rent!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Photo Shoot!!!

Everything I had heard about having a second child is true...especially when it comes to the amount (or lack there of) of pictures. I was feeling a little bit like a bad Mom the other day so I finally got my equipment set up for a quick photo shoot of the boys. Hope you enjoy!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Evidence Left Behind

As a Mother of a toddler I start to get a little bit worried when I'm upstairs without said toddler for an extended period of time (10+ minutes) and I don't hear yells of "mom let me show you something." Or the sound of little feet running up the stairs and down the hallway toward my room. So sure enough my suspicions were correct that Calvin was in something he shouldn't be yesterday evening. As I walked down the stairs into the kitchen this is the scene I encounter.

Calvin had taken his step stool from the bathroom and placed it in front of the counter. But what was most puzzling was the empty ziploc bag that laid on top of the stool. It took me a few seconds to realize that an entire loaf of sourdough bread once lived in that ziploc. So the hunt began......."where is the bread Calvin?"

"On table." So here it was...on the dinning room table with lots of little bites taken out of it.

Yep...he was caught! I guess he was hungry. I now realize that my little boy is getting too tall and too smart. I have to start hiding the good stuff :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lake Merwin

The heat is finally here!!!! We took the opportunity to head to the lake Saturday and play soccer, baseball, and of course play in the water too!

Calvin playing soccer with Grandpa

Grandma and papa with Baby Wilson

Mommies Helper

Calvin loves to take his nightly bath with Wilson. He even helps me wash his hair and belly! Calvin was being so cute the other night that I snapped a few cute pictures of my two boys!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Coast

Last week Calvin went to Long Beach with his cousins, aunt, and grandma and grandpa. He had lots of fun playing on the beach and with his cousins. His favorite part he tells me, is when the ocean got him! I guess a big (ish) wave got his feet and he thought that was pretty fun!